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Cawthorn’s 52-Point Plan For 2022 GOP House Majority

Rep. Madison Cawthorn of western NC // YouTube screenshot

Once again bucking the Republican leadership, U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-western North Carolina) has introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to outline his legislative “freedom agenda” if he is re-elected in November and if Republicans regain control of Congress.

Cawthorn’s resolution — which so far has failed to attract any co-sponsors, and reportedly earned a rebuke from House GOP leaders — enumerates the 26-year-old congressman’s more than 50 priorities including ending Social Security entitlements, abolishing the federal income tax, abolishing the Department of Education, allowing concealed carry of weapons in every state, outlawing abortion, completing the southern border wall, censuring Anthony Fauci, resuming work on the Keystone pipeline, ending Obamacare, enacting a Parental Bill of Rights, promoting “patriotic civil engagement,” and downsizing the Environmental Protection Agency along with the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, the Interior, Labor, and Transportation.

Cawthorn’s House Resolution 937, titled “Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to preserve liberty by operating within the enumerated powers in the Constitution of the United States and its founding principles,” follows his equally successful House Resolution 732, “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that . . . nothing in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence is meant to be construed as racist or harmful.”

Below are Cawthorn’s 52 “duties of the Federal Government,” slightly edited for brevity. — Peter Lewis

  1. Reduce government spending by one-third by 2031.
  2. Enact a balanced budget amendment.
  3. Turnaround the mismanagement of Social Security … by incentivizing people to work and get off entitlement programs.
  4. Abolish the income tax.
  5. Expand Opportunity Zones.
  6. Demand instant COVID compensation from Communist China.
  7. Incentivizing domestic manufacturing and agriculture production.
  8. Abolish the Department of Education.
  9. Establish English as the official language of the United States.
  10. Downsize the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, the Interior, Labor, and Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency.
  11. Cut all outrageous Federal waste and spending and reallocate funds to nonprofits fighting the opioid epidemic, promoting veterans’ entrepreneurship, and promoting patriotic civil engagement.
  12. Recognize the past abuse that Directors of three letter agencies have committed.
  13. Impose term limits on Members of Congress (six terms for House, two terms for Senate).
  14. Impose term limits on Federal career employees.
  15. Ensure … that there is only one subject matter per one bill.
  16. Protect employer-sponsored insurance from single-payer, government-run health care schemes.
  17. Protect patients with preexisting conditions.
  18. Require price transparency.
  19. Provide generous subsidies, offset by cuts to government waste, for individuals to shop for their own health insurance and choose their own doctors.
  20. Preserve health care freedom and choice and expand health savings accounts.
  21. End monopolies in health care and among hospitals by unleashing individual choice and free market competition.
  22. Guarantee health care choice for America’s veterans.
  23. Expand the use and availability of telemedicine.
  24. Federal funding [for education] should follow the student to whichever education institution the student attends [including private religious schools].
  25. Prevent taxpayer dollars from funding anti-American critical race theory.
  26. Document decades of failed progressive governance in our Nation’s urban centers.
  27. Prevent Federal funding for cities that have defunded their police and law enforcement.
  28. Recognize that life begins at conception.
  29. Enact a parental bill of rights.
  30. Make “political affiliation” protected from workplace discrimination.
  31. Protect Americans from violence by recognizing that every American who can legally own a firearm has the ability to carry and conceal firearms in every State without a permit.
  32. Abolish the National Firearms Act of 1934.
  33. Expedite permits for modular nuclear reactors.
  34. Incorporate underused hydropower into our energy grid.
  35. Invest in development of breakthrough technologies using an “all of the above energy” strategy.
  36. Immediately resume work on the Keystone pipeline.
  37. Immediately withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.
  38. Demand that China dismantle concentration camps, grant free speech rights to religious and political minorities, and offer a formal apology for the Tiananmen Square massacre.
  39. Impose tariffs on Chinese goods.
  40. Reform the National Environmental Policy Act.
  41. Protect the United States’ access to critical minerals.
  42. Complete President Trump’s border wall.
  43. Prohibit federal funding to sanctuary cities.
  44. Fight human trafficking.
  45. Formally recognize Taiwan independence.
  46. Use money generated from downsizing government to repair bridges, update highway system, and deliver rural broadband access.
  47. Break up big tech monopolies.
  48. Deregulate cryptocurrencies and incentivize blockchain innovation.
  49. Rebuild America’s military.
  50. Immediately return war making powers to Congress.
  51. Invest in cyber, artificial intelligence, hypersonic weapons, and the Space Force.
  52. Prioritize getting our veterans back to work through fellowship programs.
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