Debate Fact-Checker: Zingers, Jabs and Lies

In their first public face-off, the candidates vying for the increasingly competitive 11th district congressional seat, Republican Madison Cawthorn and Democrat Moe Davis, touted their differences on just about all issues and hurled accusations, with each calling the other “fast and loose” with the facts. Who was telling the truth? AVL Watchdog fact-checked some of… READ MORE >

From Military Prosecutor to Congressional Candidate

Updated For Air Force Colonel Morris Davis, a career military lawyer, the assignment he won in 2005 could solidify his opportunity to become a general. The North Carolina native – and now the Democratic candidate for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district — was named chief prosecutor of the alleged al Qaeda terrorists imprisoned at the… READ MORE >

Cawthorn Mingles With Far-Right Fringe

Conservative congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn, scheduled to speak Wednesday at the GOP national convention, traveled to Texas last month to visit a private border wall and echoed discredited child sex trafficking claims promoted by the extremist conspiracy theory movement. The July 30 event, billed as a “political seminar,” was held at the border wall built… READ MORE >

Candidate’s claim creates false impression

The narrative created by Republican congressional-candidate Madison Cawthorn paints a picture of a bright, young man headed to the U.S. Naval Academy until he was severely injured in an auto crash.  “Madison was homeschooled in Hendersonville and was nominated to the Naval Academy by Rep. Mark Meadows in 2014,” according to the 11th district candidate’s… READ MORE >

Cawthorn Takes a Hard-Right Turn

When then 24-year-old Madison Cawthorn easily defeated a Trump-backed rival to capture the GOP nomination in Western North Carolina’s 11th congressional district, he declared that his mission would be to rescue his party from a “generational time bomb.” Charismatic, telegenic, social media-savvy and deeply rooted in the region, the Hendersonville native reveled in the national… READ MORE >

The Race For The GOP Nomination In The 11th Congressional District Could Embarrass Trump

Editor’s Note:  On June 23rd, Madison Cawthorn defeated Lynda Bennett to become the Republican candidate in North Carolina’s 11th congressional district race.  Cawthorn will face Democrat Morris (Moe) Davis in the general election Nov. 3. When then-Congressman Mark Meadows stunned his constituents last winter with plans to abandon his seat to become White House chief… READ MORE >

Tourism Isn’t the Enemy

Part 2 Asheville City Councilman Vijay Kapoor, who plans to resign this summer and move to Philadelphia, spoke in-depth to Asheville Watchdog founders Sally Kestin and Steve Keeble about the pandemic and lean times ahead for city government, the controversy surrounding tourism and hotel development, and Mission Hospital. Q: Asheville’s economy is so heavily dependent… READ MORE >

Political Power in Asheville

Part 1 of 2 Asheville City Councilman Vijay Kapoor, who plans to resign this summer and move to Philadelphia, spoke in-depth to Asheville Watchdog founders Sally Kestin and Steve Keeble about who holds the power in local government, why the council isn’t serving the needs of many residents and what’s needed to prevent undue influence… READ MORE >

Mark Meadows’ political protégé calls for reopening state’s economy despite health risks

Republican congressional-candidate Lynda Bennett, who hopes to win the District 11 seat recently vacated by her political patron Mark Meadows, is calling for an immediate end to North Carolina’s stay-home order, calling pandemic restrictions an infringement “on our rights and freedom.” In a radio interview with ultra-conservative Breitbart News last weekend and infrequent follow-up comments… READ MORE >

The COVID-19 campaign: Political candidates are staying home, too

Morris “Moe” Davis had hoped to spend this spring roaming Western North Carolina, meeting voters one on one and building a campaign organization able to flip to the Democratic Party the congressional seat recently vacated by Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows. Instead, the Democratic nominee in the 11th Congressional District is stuck tweeting regularly and… READ MORE >