We believe that everyone should have access to free, high-quality, independent local journalism, and that watchdog reporting is essential for a healthy and successful democracy. You can republish Asheville Watchdog’s content in print or on your website without charge, subject to these guidelines:

You must credit Asheville Watchdog.

For bylined articles, publish the writer’s name, followed by Asheville Watchdog. For example: By Sally Kestin, Asheville Watchdog 

We run taglines at the end of each story, which must be retained on all republished content. For example:

Asheville Watchdog is a nonprofit news team producing stories that matter to Asheville and Buncombe County. Sally Kestin is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter. Email skestin@avlwatchdog.org. To show your support for this vital public service go to avlwatchdog.org/donate.

Style note: The name of our news organization is Asheville Watchdog, or The Watchdog on second reference.

For news sites that use paywalls: The Watchdog’s shared content must:

  • Be provided in full for free (and outside any paywall or subscriber restrictions); or
  • The top three to five paragraphs may be republished followed by a direct link to the rest of the story at www.avlwatchdog.org.

Editing restrictions: Our stories may not be significantly edited or reorganized without prior permission, with a few exceptions. It’s OK to edit to reflect changes in time, location and your organization’s editorial style. (For instance, “yesterday” could be edited to “last week,” or you could nix our Oxford commas, if that’s your newsroom’s style, although you shouldn’t.)

Multimedia: You can publish multimedia elements that appeared in a story as long as you do not alter them and you retain all photo and graphic credits that appeared in the initial report.

Whom to contact: If you have a question while editing a story, contact the organization’s editors and not the story’s reporter or reporters:

Social media: We would love for you to share the republished story on your social media channels. If you do so, make it clear that the story came from Asheville Watchdog and tag us: @AVLWatchdog on Twitter; AVL Watchdog on Facebook; and @avlwatchdog on Instagram and Threads.

Sharing traffic data: Our ability to continue providing you with free, high-quality, in-depth journalism depends in large part on demonstrating to potential investors the impact of our reporting, including audience reach. Let us know how much traffic our stories are generating for you.

Finally, please include our snazzy Watchdog icon somewhere in the story!