Asheville Watchdog publisher Bob Gremillion, a former Tribune Publishing Co. executive, came out of retirement to help start the nonprofit news organization. Behind him, left to right, are Watchdogs managing editor Peter Lewis, investigative reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winner Sally Kestin, reporter and columnist John Boyle, editor Gail Meadows, and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Bill Robertson. // Watchdog photo by Zane Meyer-Thornton

Trustworthy local journalism is essential for a healthy democracy and a vibrant community. 

Bob Gremillion, Asheville Watchdog Publisher, Chief Executive Officer, co-founder

Founded as a public service by veteran professional journalists and media executives, Asheville Watchdog provides nonpartisan, fact-based, in-depth news stories about local government, institutions, issues, and people. Watchdog journalists have won national awards for exceptional Asheville reporting. Our stories lead to indictments, legislative action, and positive change. Watchdog reporters don’t just report the facts. They also help you make sense of complex issues affecting the community.

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